# Are my peels profitable?


# Download

Please download the game and import it.

# What we will learn

We will learn how PokerJuice can be used for multi-street analysis on a static board.

# Let's do it

We have a monotone flop with low cards. The situation is very static and we have very few sets present on the flop. This means that turn and river cards will rarely change much. In situations like this we can do multi-street analysis.

We are opening with 9s8c7s6c and get 3-bet by BB. We set BB's 3-betting range to $10o. BB c-bets half pot.

Now what?

We think BB is betting a polarized range on flop, turn and river:

Street Range
flop (set+, Ac, Kc)
turn (set+, Ac)
river (f2+, Ac!2p1+)

On the flop we think BB bets all sets and flushes for value and bluffs with his Ac and Kc blockers. On the turn we think he continues with all sets and flushes and bluffs his Ac blocker. Finally on the river we think he bets his nut flush and 2nd nut flush for value and bluffs his Ac blocker when he does not have showdown value.

So are we playing each street correctly?

Now that the tree is completed it is quite simple to step back and check - so let's do that.


We goto the flop. We see that calling yields an expected stack of 94.98. Folding will leave us with 91.00. So far so good - how about turn?


We step forward to the turn. We see that calling yields an expected stack of 92.05. Folding will leave us with 82.00. This peel is also profitable. Let's goto the river.


BB fires his 3rd bullet and bets 64.00 into a 72.00 pot. Should we call or fold?


Right now, we are folding and making the correct decision on the river. But what happens if we play the river poorly?

Let's activate the call action and then go back to the flop.


Now our flop peel is suddenly not profitable anymore. Given that we are not able to play the river correctly it is better for us to fold the flop.

# Conclusion

We have learned how PokerJuice can be used for multi-street analysis when the board is very static. We also learned that folding on the flop is better than making big mistakes on later streets. 🎉