# All in on the Flop 3-way?


# Download

Please download the game and import it.

# What we will learn

We will learn how to make the correct decision in a high stack-to-pot-ratio situation on the flop 3-way.

# Let's do it

We are in the big blind with Ad7d8d5c. The button open-raises to 3.50 preflop. We call and BB calls. The flop is 9hAh7c. The button c-bets, we call and BB shoves allin for 52.50. Button comes over the top and raises all in to 178.50.

Do we call or do we fold?

We need to assign ranges to each of our opponents. If you have downloaded the game, these ranges have already been assigned.

For BB we decided on:

Street Range
preflop ($30)!(AA)
flop (2p1+, fd2+, 13w+, p+:fd:8w, 8w+:fd)

Notice that we have excluded AA from BB's range preflop because we believe that he would have squeezed with Aces.

For BTN we decided on:

Street Range
preflop ($50)
flop (2p1+, fd1, bc1:13w+, p+:fd, 13w+:fd, p+:8w+)


We can navigate the game back and forth to study how ranges are narrowed as the game progresses.

We are now ready to add a fold and a call so we can compare our options:


We can see that folding has a higher expected stack than calling.


If we hover over our equities we can see that we have 27% in the main pot and 46% in the side-pot. Combined this is not enough to warrant a call.

Can PokerJuice also do 4-way Spots?

Yes! PokerJuice can calculate expected stacks for all multiway all in scenarios as long as the decision tree is completed.

# Conclusion

We have learned how to utilize PokerJuice to calculate the expected stacks of a multway all in situation 🎉