# Bluff Catching on the River


# Download

Please download the game and import it.

# What we will learn

We will learn how to use the expected stacks to make the correct decision when facing a bet on the river in a bluff catching situation.

# Let's do it

We are in the big blind with 4s7s6h8d. We flopped a flush and have check/called a pot-sized bet on the flop and turn and are now unsure if we should also call the river.


We believe that at this point he will only bet a queen high flush or better for value and the naked Ace of spades as a bluff.

f3+ is PokerJuice Syntax and evaluates to the 3rd nut flush or better.

We can see that we have 35% equity against his range. At this point we will disregard the option to raise - but should we fold or call? We want to compare the expected stack of calling versus folding. We step forward one time.


We add a fold and a call. The expected stack of folding is 73.00 and we see that the expected stack of calling is 69.07.


We can now conclude that folding is better than calling.

What if SB would value bet only the nuts?

Simply step back and change the range f3+ to f1+ and then step forward again. You can now see that calling has a much higher expected stack (114.09) than folding!

# Conclusion

Raising and getting it all in is better than folding but also that small changes in SB's value range can make a big difference 🎉