# All in or Fold vs 4-bet?


# Download

Please download the game and import it.

# What we will learn

We will learn how to use the expected stacks to make the correct decision.

# Let's do it

We are in the big blind with As7c6s5c. We decided to 3-bet but we are now facing a 4-bet. We think that villain is only 4-betting with Aces.


We enter Aces as Villains range.


Notice that our equity goes from 53% to 40% after assigning Aces to SB. Should we fold or get it in? We step forward one time. We are now next to act. We want to compare our expected stack when calling versus raising all in.


We add a fold. Our expected stack when folding is 31.00. This is no surprise since that is what we have left at the moment. How about an all in? We add a raise and we see that the expected stack of raising is n/a? What is that about?

We have not told PokerJuice what happens after we raise! SB could potentially fold. We do not believe that to be that case. So we step forward and add a call. We do not need to enter anything since it defaults to (*).


We can now see the expected stacks for both players. Our expected stack is 31.89 (yours might be slightly different). Recall that the expected stack of folding was 31.00. So getting it all in is slightly better.

Why not flat call preflop?

For PokerJuice to calculate the expected stack of calling it would have to average the expected stacks over all possible flops. This feature is not part of PokerJuice yet but is coming in the near future.

# Conclusion

Raising and getting it all in in this spot is slightly better than folding 🎉