# Ranges

The Ranges section is where we can manage sub ranges that we would like to reuse.


We click Ranges.


We can see that we currently have no ranges available.

In the top right corner we see a pink New Range button. At the bottom we can select between:

  • PokerJuice / User
  • Preflop / Postflop

PokerJuice Ranges are ranges provided by PokerJuice while User Ranges are our own custom ranges. We are only able to edit the User Ranges.

The ranges are also divided into preflop and postflop ranges.

# User Ranges

We start by taking a look at the User Ranges. Let's create our first range. We would like to create a range for calling 3bets in position heads-up.

We click the pink New Range button in the top right corner.


We have created our first preflop range. The name of the range is currently Untitled. Let's give it a better name.


We call it HU 3bet call and click the green check-mark icon.


We want to continue with the top 80% of all hands except all Aces (which we would 4bet). We enter the snippets above and click the black Save & Close button.


Our range is now ready to use.

# Quick Access

PokerJuice has built-in quick access to all User Ranges. To demonstrate we will:

  • create a new heads-up game
  • add an opening range for SB
  • add a 3bet from BB

...or we can download the game here.


We add a call and type forward slash.


The predefined User Range has been inserted. 🎉

# PokerJuice Ranges

PokerJuice provides a set of pre-defined ranges for us to use.


Currently all the PokerJuice Ranges are postflop ranges. We may provide preflop ranges in the future


We select the PokerJuice and the Postflop options. We see that we have eight ranges available. These are suggested continuation ranges on different kind of boards.


We hover over the magnifying glass to see what snippets each range contains.

The PokerJuice Ranges are read-only

To use a range we have to download the range to our User Ranges


We click the download icon and the PokerJuice Range is downloaded to our User Ranges.


We click the User option and we see that we now have the range available. We can now edit the range and access it from Analyze.